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I like to use summize once a week or so to track major discussion terms on twitter.

Dave Schappell

This was a really fantastic intro to Pipes -- I know it's been out for ages and most folks have already grokked this, but it's the first time that I've gotten a good understanding. I look forward to a conference sessions that helps explain to me how to stay better on top of my social-feeds (twitter, facebook, etc.) -- I definitely feel overwhelmed by them all, but do wish that I could stay on top of friend updates. Just too many different spots to check!

p.s. Beth -- why don't I have an option on your blog to be notified if other people post comments after my comments?!? Heck, if you post after this, I'll never know!

Beth Kanter


That option exists as a feature here at typepad - but I can't see how to turn it on. I wonder if it is because my blog has been on this platform for 5 years? It would be such a better way to have follow conversations ...

Dave Schappell

I'm not sure how to activate on TypePad -- we got it working on Wordpress in a few clicks -- I'm sure you've got the "starpower" to get some action on the Typepad front, no? :-)

Happy Tuesday!

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