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Bill Kennedy, CA

Great post! I would just like to amplify the point, "If you want to build an audience, use punctuation." Other bloggers have pointed to the need to write conversationally (i.e. short sentences, write the way you talk, etc.) It almost seems a contradiction to insist on good punctuation and, by extension, getting rid of the typos (typographical errors, e.g. small spelling mistakes or missed words where the intended meaning is clear), but I agree 100%. If you want to sound authoritative and be quotable, PROOFREAD YOUR POSTS ( You could even get someone to do it for you because typos are easier to spot in someone else's work.


Alan Levine

Blogs do much better with a focus on cheddar cheese. I can haz some.

Jordan Viator

Great pointers, Beth. I think if I had to point out the one factor that I strive to bring to our blog, it's relevancy. If you can achieve that when writing and adding content to your site - content that is truly relevant to your target audience - then traffic will build and a sense of community will be felt by all who visit, read and hopefully engage with your site.

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