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The Girl

I don't think it's just you. Summer has wound up and we all find ourselves at picnics, on vacation, spending more time by the beach or pool, and less time sitting indoors by the computer. You kind of need that break and "refreshment" to get geared up and ready to go again. At least that's how I feel. It also doesn't help that some of the new applications (FF3, Twitter) are buggy and become more of a pain than an incentive to keep plugging along. Hopefully they'll have the kinks worked out by August when we're all back on track, refreshed from the summer :o).

Adam Nicholson ain't just you. I've completely quit using two-syllable words that end in "er" because they sound too much like Tw***er.

Brad Bell

Stimulation is the meaning of life. Stimuli vibrate receptors. After a while, continued stimulation is treated as noise, as it must be. We need to filter. Or we'd go crazy. We'd cease to function. We'd be unfit for survival.

If we were actually able to attend to every bit of stimuli surrounding us, we would be overwhelmed.

Think of mania. There is too much stimulation. Light is brighter. Colours more intense. Sounds more surround. Everything means something really significant. Everything fits together. Pattern recognition is turned up too high. When the clouds break, and a shaft of golden sunlight breaks through purple clouds, and beams down on you and you alone, it can only be God's instant messenger saying, "I've got big plans for you!"
Of course - otherwise, why the light?

As you suggest, boredom is the result of over-stimulation. We filter out stimuli which is no longer stimulating. Receptors get tired of the same stimulus and treat it as noise.

I have two weeks in June every evening. It's 8:21pm.

(But I'm gonna click 'Post' anyway.)

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