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Michelle Murrain

It seems like nptechies adopted twitter. Until there is a critical mass of conversation happening elsewhere (like Jaiku) I can't see leaving Twitter. I've got a friendfeed now, but it's not really the same, and it's not designed to do the same thing as Twitter.

But, if there is an exodus to a new service, I'm sure you'll let us stragglers know. :-)

Mike N

Or...(secretly keeping my fingers crossed) maybe all those services will die a quiet death. Obviously, I'm still pretty skeptical of the value of twitter-like services outside of some very specific applications.

But the folks on This Week In Tech have made the best point about adoption of these services that I've heard: The second Paris Hilton (or Lindsey Lohan, etc.) signs up for one of these services is the second microblogging explodes. Right now it's mostly early-adopter techies. And consequently...Paris negotiates a deal with Pownce, Twitter's done. Or at the very least (most? best? worst?), a celebrity-slposion free-for-all ensues, with all kinds of endorsement deals. Could any of these services handle that kind of growth? Certainly doesn't seem like twitter is prepared for that.

Jeffrey Keefer

Beth, it is about all that you mentioned above, and one more issue--convincing all your friends and followers and the like to start using, yet again, one more service. I have tried all the programs you mentioned, and while some of them have some better aspects than Twitter, the one thing they don't have is my friends and colleagues, and that is what stops me from switching as well.

At least for the time being, that is!

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