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I think you mean "Max Gladwell" not "Malcolm Gladwell".

Max Gladwell

Hi Beth! Thanks for the mention and link. It's "Max" not "Malcom", tho. I like your blog and your work. Will start following and referencing.

Beth Kanter

Yep, I mistyped ... I bet you get that all the time Max

Jonathon D. Colman

Thanks for writing about this, Beth. I think that one of the keys to make Causes work better for you is to integrate your organization's Facebook strategy w/ all those applications developers out there. The developer wins by being promoted via your Cause and you win by gaining access to their audience of users. The end result is more progress toward your mission and greater support for the use of social media in your organization.

Bottom line: if you haven't searched through Facebook for people mentioning your organization or key aspects of the work that you do, there's no time like the present. It may be that there are already super-supporters and/or apps developers out there who are supporting you.

If you want to see the results of (Lil) Green Patch's donations to TNC's Facebook Cause, visit


There is another application sponsored by Timberland clothing and shoe company called Earthkeepers. You just plant a virtual tree and anyone in the commutity can water it. After 11 waters it grows into a full grown adult tree. For every Adult tree grown Timberland will plant one tree in it's place. As of writing this 140,089 trees have already grown to adulthood. To give you perspective. I joined May 14th 2008 and there was only about 10,000 trees. So in a little over a month and a half it has grown (no pun intended)to 14 times that amount... not bad eh? 150 were just from myself. Well anyhow if anyone wants to include this application that I strongly support you can check it out at:

Let's save the planet together!

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