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Sarah Stewart

I'm a bit grumpy with gmail at the moment. I have had a few really important emails 'lost' including a job application and application for research funding. I don't know where they are going - maybe in the recipient's junk box. So lesson learned for me is to always check that the important emails have been received.


I take Gmail outages as a sign from somewhere higher up that I need to take a break and get outside. It works quite nicely, actually.

David Wilcox

I have Google apps for your domain providing gmail and other services, and I'm wondering about paying $50 a year per user for the premium service. As it is just me that would be OK if it provided more reliability.

Jordan Viator

I'm not as avid a Gmail user asyou, seeing as though I rely on Outlook for work, but I do use it for personal email. Here's an article I came across a few days back on the "57 Habits of Highly Effective Gmail Users" - maybe it will give you some new ideas! file:///C:/Documents%20and%20Settings/jviator/Desktop/57%20Habits%20of%20Highly%20Effective%20Gmail%20Users%20_%20College%20Degrees.htm

Shaun Kester

I think Jordan meant to link to this.

Thanks for linking to my site and I hope the outage was short for you. How long were you locked out?

Michael Waugaman

I for one would be keen to know if the paid for version is any more/less dependable.

I introduced Google Hosted Apps over a year ago and it immediately revolutionized the way the team worked together - particularly with the calendar. Even now we go thru long patches of just getting on with our jobs someone will suddenly learn something new and then share it with the team (like creating quick & easy surveys with the spreadsheet in gdocs).

Generally I find it easy to teach newbies how to find their way about tho' gsites are a bit of a challenge. Toughest thing is to teach users to be patient on those days when the service is a bit slow but most actual outages seem to occur during US's working hours, not Europe's :)

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