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Roger Carr

Jonathon Colman already sent me the invite to the NpTech Room on FriendFeed. I liked the exercise you asked us to participate in. It gave me something specific to get me started as a participant with the group. Thanks!

Beth Kanter

Roger: That's great. And if you blog your reflections, track back here ..

mary hodder

but what happens when all those people blog/tweet/ or whatever about something other than the topic of that FF room which I think is NpTech? then you just have a massive amt of noise from tons of people, yes?

I can see wanting a room on a topic, but the feed part just feeds in massive noise, which is my overall FF problem. way too much info, way to much noise, tons of comments that are just random pile ons, and ..
with twitter people just send in small amts of relevant stuff, so my signal to noise ratio is really high. then if i want a topic, i use summize, figure out in about 2 seconds where the conversation is on that topic, and go.

it's just simpler and easier, and less noisy for me to do it on twitter.. that was my point in my tweet to you. i just want to talk to people who opt-in to a topic conversation.. and that can be informal.. without all the formality of 'getting a room.'


Beth Kanter

@maryhodder thank you for unpacking your tweet in a comment. I'm reading this and pondering it

I agree with you about the overall noise of everyone, but the room in friend feed with a group of people who are interested in the same topic so far has been useful.

Marnie Webb

I agree about ways to organize FriendFeed so that is less noise. Or maybe not less noise but controlled noise. Going to Twitter, an aggregater, a social bookmark service, a social network like Facebook are all automatic noise filters in that I know what kind/level of information to expect there. FriendFeed has all of 'em. And pretty equally weighted too.

I do find that the rooms help with that because people have to consciously add info to a given room. It doesn't just take everything from a feed. So it's more selective.

For me, that's the biggest value at this point.

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