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Will Hull

Also, interns make perfect candidates for this type of position to help shape this new horizon.


creativity and improvisation. and of course keep believing that what you're doing is worth it , at the end of the day you need everyone to be truly convinced of the things you're they'll be ready to follow you!
Take care Beth
keep up the great blogging

Will Hull - United Cerebral Palsy eAdvocacy/eCommunications Coordinator

Tips for managing interns:

1. Start them off slow
2. Let them watch any and all videos your organization has produced
3. Teach them about what you want to accomplish as well as the history of the organization in the first couple of days
4. Demonstrate appropriate comments such as "Thanks for adding United Cerebral Palsy. Over 65% of UCP consumers have a disability other than cerebral palsy. When you get the chance visit our Web site at Thanks again."
5. Engage them in any and all meetings to get a sense of the projects your organization is working on so they can advertise/get-out-the-word about them.
6. Let them explore the networks in their own way and utilize their skill-set in applying them to expand your network.
7. Many interns will come from a college setting and it is a lifestyle necessity to be on networks such as Facebook and MySpace, allow them to use what they already know to expand your organization's presence online.

These are just a few, but they go a long way.

Tips for finding an intern:
1. Go to the nearby University Web sites and post internships on their job posting boards.
2. Use Craigslist
3. Go to their University and put up flyers in their dining commons or student union building
4. Appeal to their student government and Greek governing boards such as Interfraternal Council (IFC) and Pan Hellenic to ask them to spread the word about your internship.
5. Interhships are seasonal so look for Spring interns around November, look for summer interns around April and looks for fall interns around April and August (August you would probably need to rely on internet job posting boards). Stick to their schedules.


Beth Kanter - also rocketboom has a person who does this

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