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Liz Strauss

Wow! What a compliment this post is. Thank you. It feels good to have you take my thoughts on this so seriously.

I'm glad you shined the light on the compliment Alex Steed wrote about you, Beth. You worked lots of years to earn the esteem he wrote into that.

Also thanks for sharing Rachel's post with the fabulous title. I'd missed that one, but I know it now.


Roger Carr

When we do happen to be at the same conference, I will be one of those waiting in line to meet you face-to-face. I have learned a tremendous amount of valuable information from your blog and actions. You have made me a better and more effective person in support of nonprofits. The compliments you received are well deserved. Thank you.


Nice post Beth. I have a similar problem with compliments - and have received similar advice - still working on that one.

I've been at two conferences recently where I've met a large number of people that I had only talked to online and it has been a rich experience because they are people I may have never otherwise walked up to out of the blue but because there had been a shared context we immediately had something to discuss. Interestingly, for me it means I say less 'hello' and more of 'tell me more about x...'

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