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Jordan Viator

Thanks for putting this room together with Jonathon, Beth! I'm just starting to get my feet wet with Friend Feed and it's been great having a place online where I see a few familiar faces to help with the learning experience.I'm still a little overwhelmed with the multitude options for what I can share - and access from friends - here but I'm getting the hang of it. As usual, you are doing an amazing job of educating all of us on a new tool.

Hope your Australia adventures went well!

Beth Kanter

Try to do the experiment and see what you think.

Not everyone thinks FriendFeed is fabulous

I've come think that sharing resources with a small group of people interested in a particular topic is the most value. I'm still struggling with the filtering too ...

Nathan Ketsdever

Great post. Great video.

I just wish Facebook feed had that option. I think the ideal interface to do that, however is more like stumbleupon's categories to opt-in and opt-out. (perhaps combined with individual social media platform opt in and opt out--ie twitter, utterz, flickr, blog, tumblr, etc..)

Beth Kanter

@nate it does

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