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Rob Ashton

As my housemates always say,

"fifty tonne penguin!"
"yep, that'll break the ice"

Oh dear.


I also like social networking through online. it should help social benefits

John Lampard

Someone at a networking gig I went to once said to me "you really a wingman in these sorts of situations don't you?" Was quite a good opener really, and we ended up having a good chat. Now I use the line :)

Beth Kanter

@John is "wingman" an australian term?


My best personal networking conversation starters:

What did you do on your last vacation? This question gets alot of interest and allows conversations to really get going. I always try to introduce myself first and ask the first question. Then I listen to the responses and the conversations go from there.

Other questions:

What kinds of projects are you working on right now?
What are you hoping to learn from this conference, seminar, event?
What is the product or service your business provides?
Tell me about your ideal clients and how I might recognize them.

For additional networking advice, I follow:


Hi Beth, you have got interesting thing going on here. I am proud of you

Maddie Grant

A wee bit off topic, but I heard of a great way to use tag clouds as icebreakers for networking - posted about it here -

P.s. "wingman" is not Australian, as far as I know, I use that term a lot with my friends - it just means you network in pairs, so you're not so terrified... : )

Danielle Brigida

Despite the desire to, I don't open with "what's your favorite wildlife?"

-Though I think I should.

I usually just say something relating to what we are doing and then ask the person questions while keeping it light-hearted. I like meeting new people but I usually use the situation I'm in to start the conversation...

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