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Beth, I have students blog in classes as a matter of course -- but these are individual student blogs, not a group blog, and I'm not exactly trying to "mobilize" them. I gave a paper at INTED in March that addressed some of the "lessons learned" (I've been doing this since 2004).

Two group projects using blogs:, which is a snapshot of the election circa spring 2007, and, which is a student-journalism site led by one of my colleagues, David Domke. The students covered primaries in Idaho, Washington and Texas.

mike seyfang

This is something I have thought about a lot since starting my new job at the University. From what I have observed here are a few pointers:

- meet the students where THEY are (could be facebook, myspace, blogger, typepad, etc... or a combination). Avoid temptation to provide 'safe' or 'controlled' infrastructure.

- follow the general blogger codes around openness, transparency, honesty etc (don't try to create closed or private environments).

- take the role of community builder (not project manager or infrastructure provider).

Having read/listened to tons of material on this subject, I have been most impressed by a talk given by Susan Metros - referred to in episodes 1 and 2 of my 'TWAM' podcast:

Follow the links to Susan's talk and take a listen.
Hope this is helpful
Fang - Mike Seyfang

Elaine Aitken

You may already be aware of it, but Ewan McIntosh's blog here: covers a lot of the great work going on in Scottish education, and in particular the guidelines here: might be of interest.

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