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laurence timms

Beth, I work for a nonprofit organisation here in the UK and while we are pretty switched on for a charity in terms of what we can do with new tech, I can't honestly see a place for FF in the mix right now. Not that it's going to particularly scare any of these guys - they're good at assimilating lots of data. Just that I don't think there's an FF-shaped hole anywhere.

Judi Sohn

It's purely toe-in-the-water stuff now. The folks I follow on FriendFeed are mostly tech types, and I enjoy getting that view of what they're interested in and sharing online.

The information has to be better organized. Not just filters. It drives me nuts that 3 different people can bookmark the same page, someone else can share it on Google Reader, and every single entry has its own comment conversation under it about the same source.

When it's a bit more streamlined, I could see a nonprofit having a FriendFeed of news and items of interest in their cause, but not yet. I am just at the point where folks are starting to get more comfortable with the RSS on our site, and most are doing email subscriptions rather than reading our feed in their browser.

Beth Kanter

Judi: Thanks for your insights. I'm doing the same thing as you - toe in the water. So, it's a watch and wait on the social stream stuff. As early adopters, we have to keep one foot in the cutting edge and the other foot where people are at.

Beth Kanter

@laurence - thanks for your insights. What the heck is a ff shaped hole?

laurence timms

:) I mean that FF is a solution looking for a problem. Prior to FriendFeed, did anyone actually say that they wanted *more* noise (apart from Scoble, obviously)? All the attention was on memetrackers like techmeme, megite et al - including mine, chuquet, for a short period of time. Yet while the memetrackers have made some inroads, it could be argued that they are only really popular with the same group of people who are currently wowed by FriendFeed. Go figure.

The reason I wouldn't want to see FriendFeed getting traction in my own nonprofit work environment is that it'd leave too many people behind in the race to communicate. There are a lot of valuable opinions in this organisation but those individuals sometimes lack the necessary skills to make their voice heard across the network. They need champions to promote them, not noise to drown them.

Todd Mundt

Beth -

Thanks for the post! I started using ff as a simple lifestream for all my content, but after learning a little bit about the "hide" feature, I've found I can finetune the content to get the stuff that's closest to what I want to see - either job-related stuff, or topics that interest me. It's surprising how quickly you can tame ff to hone down to what matters.

I wouldn't call ff life-changing, but I've come to appreciate the functionality and now I can more clearly see the value of it, next to my feedreader, for instance.

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