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Mike N

This idea has a pretty well established precedent with Brazilian Paulo Friere's "informal education." This "bottom-up" approach also has traction in some macro social work and public health schools. I think what edupunk may bring to the table is ways in which to leverage the social aspect of new web technologies to take the idea of informal education even further (or perhaps it can just be more efficient on a larger scale...)


I love the term - anything that combines my three passions has got to be great. Makes me wonder what the NPTech Punk anthem is?

Something tells me Atom and His Package has a song that would fit nicely...

dan mcquillan

Interesting. What meaning does 'punk' have over there? Spikey-hairs?

Methinks also an overlap with 'hacker' (not cracker).

There's definitely something in the digital DNA that has a DIY, p2p, disrespect-for-authority approach.


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