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Ian Rhett

Hah! I love it! I'm going to post this on my blog, and send this to my list. Lucky me, looks like maybe I'm first up!?

That in itself, kind of a first... By the way, up to what amount? 'Cause I'm thinking Digg...

ian rhett

D Septive

Beth. Your headline is "A Comment on this post is worth $10 donation to Burma" but the content says that the donation is not to Burma but to the advocacy group the US Campaign for Burma. They are not the same thing. So your headline is deceptive. You can do better.

Beth Kanter

You need to comment on the post mentioned above - not on this post. Here's the link

Sorry, I should not blog when I'm totally jetlagged ..

Beth Dunn

Excellent campaign, Beth! What a great thing - I'll see if I can send some traffic over here as well...

D Septive

You are right. Never blog when you are drunk or stoned or jet lagged. Thanks for revising the deceptive headline.

Char Lyn

Thanks so much for plug, Beth. We are really hoping that our little post will help drive awareness of the cause.

And D Septive, thanks for the great, quotable comment "Never blog when..." I've already added it to my favorite quotes in Facebook.

Steve Tostevin

Hi Beth,
Thanks for making me aware of Dig Trends efforts!
Please excuse my following plug which I hope gives people a bit more of an idea of what others have been doing for a very long time and with help and donations, will do so for a long time to come.
Kindest regards,

It’s great to see so many Non-profits are now getting to help the Burma (Myanmar) cause. We are one of the same based in Bangkok, Thailand and have been running for a few years now. With our founder actually working on the cause for over 15 years. As you can imagine, the problems caused by Nargis are a nightmare for what was already a nightmare for the citizens of Myanmar. We specifically try and assist those that have already decided (before the cyclone) that living under this crazed Junta is just too much to bare any longer. Unfortunately, when they get to Thailand they find other up-hill troubles. We try and assist in any way we are able and the vast majority of the Burmese work for next to nothing due to the Thai’s knowing that they are often illegal immigrants. When they do work there children are left to fend for themselves and are not able to go to school. Again we have 10 schools in total but all of which were lost in the cyclone. We have been assisted by a fantastic agency, namely: Scottish International Relief (SIR) and more specifically an arm of them, Mary’s Meals who are financing one hot meal a day to our school children (which is now approaching 800). If you get a chance, please take a look at what we do as indeed what we do is what we’ve done for a long time and will be doing so for as long as we are able! One of our pride and joy quotations is “That we do not waste one Baht (read your currency) on ourselves, when we meet for our monthly meetings we pay to get there, pay for coffee or soda if we have it and pay to get home.”
Good luck to your efforts to raise the 5000 target and more importantly, May those on high give the Burmese people a break that they so desperately deserve.
Regards to all,
Steve Tostevin - Voluntary Webmaster of

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