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Sarah Stewart

Hi Beth

Funnily enough, since I have got into Twitter, I am doing more commenting because I am reading more blogs - twitter leads me to blogs I would otherwise not have come across.

Chris Brogan...

Blogs are still a great place for comments. But they're no longer the only place. See how that goes? Crazy, eh? We used to call blogs the new place for the conversation. Now it's ONE place for it. Atomization. Some days, I think big media is over there laughing at us for atomizing.

Beth Kanter


Got it .. it isn't an either/or - it's both/and. But not everyone has to be in all places. I noticed the atomization a year ago while doing the nptech tag roundups - which was about finding conversation fragments. In the nonprofit community - we have them scattered in litservs, forums, blogs, twitter, facebook, myspace, and other digital nooks and crannies.

Thanks for the conversation - helps with the learning. Now, could you have conveyed that idea in 140 characters?

Chris Brogan...

Heck no. That whole 140 characters thing makes a big mess of it, but I see what you are saying. Spreading all over the place, and yet, we've got to find ways to pull it all together.

Urs E. Gattiker

Dear Beth

Thanks for referring to our blog

I still believe that Twitter is not a conversation but maybe just a different type of chatting and airing/sharing one's thoughts.

Adrian Chan put it nicely in his comment this morning here:

"... It’s a discontinuous form of talk and a disaggregated audience, through a channel that disintermediates — anyone is immediately proximate to anyone else..."

One thing is for sure, it can take up a lot of time and deprive some people of sleep as another comment made following Adrian shows.

Thanks for listening.

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