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hi beth, the best in the UK right now is the Tate -

v good access, high quality video and regularly updated. the answer to your question is that You Tube is only serendipitous, it won't drive traffic in any significant way to galleries. Tate uploads to Itunes and that makes more sense for them. i'm working on a project to create a portal for galleries across the UK, and eventually the wolrd. anyone interested, do get in touch.

Michele Martin

I wonder if getting people to attend the Museum should be the measure of the effectiveness of a YouTube campaign? It occurs to me that a lot of museums could expand their reach through social media campaigns, so that people around the world are "visiting" their museums virtually. I understand that there are funding issues with that, but then maybe there's a way to create an online museum membership site that would give people specialized access for a fee to things no one else gets to see--behind the scenes looks, opportunities to ask questions of curators, etc. I think that there are potentially some niches that could be filled here for an entrepreneurial museum.

Jeff Stern

Hi Beth,

At the Museum of Life + Science in Durham, NC, we're beginning to experiment with YouTube and have a channel here:

We look at this less as a potential driver for admissions or marketing, and more as a way to deepen our relationship with those folks who are already our fans/friends/members. Many of the videos on the YouTube site were originally put together for either our animal department blog ( which was created for the same relationship-deepening reasons, or for the "Science in the Triangle" section of our website which was created for mission-based educational purposes.

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