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Appreciate this post Beth. So many new thoughts and ideas. Where do you suggest a person starts to increase exposure for a nonprofit? What is the best incremental investmental for the best return?

Beth Kanter


First read this excellent primer


1. Think about how you want to use Twitter
2. Set up an account
3. Find some nonprofit people to follow (see
4. Start listening and having some conversations ...


Another great post! I like all the links to other people posting about Twitter's recent growth and usage. I agree that TwitterFeed is probably not the best way to go about sending links, etc. I've noticed how I tend to overlook those more...both the Guardian and Southwest (both of which I'm huge fans of) use Twitterfeed, but they don't catch my attention as much, and especially SW's read like an ad, rather than an engaged user.


marnie webb

@Aaron: I think using Tweetscan to search and follow some conversations and then join in is the best way to get started. At some point, you've simply got to just start talking. If you can do that in response to posts you find relevant, it'll be a fast and easy way to get engaged.

Stacey Monk

I'm a conversationalist - a 3.7. Actually, much noisier than I thought by these metrics. A very interesting analysis. Thanks! I do have one suggestion for other nonprofit tweeters: follow outside the nonprofit sector too. While I'm all about drinking our own koolaid, there's SO much to be learned from our for-profit peers.


I get amazing traffic from twitter. Not a ton of it, but the people stick around, read a lot, and comment. I use twitter in four different ways:

1) To flag things I should write about later. People who care enough can see things go from my initial twitter jottings to the (I hope) thoughtful blog entry.

2) To offer up links that don't really belong on my blog.

3) To socialize a little with people who are interested in the same stuff I am.

4) To learn - I'll sign up for just about anyone's twitter feed to see what they have to say. Anything that doesn't engage me gets dropped, and the twitterers who remain expose me to an amazing variety of things I have never thought about before.


Beth, great post, thanks.

On a completely different tune, I noticed that stumbleupon is up at the top. It's at the top for us as well and for a couple other green NPs that I've chatted with. I haven't really explored, but I'm slightly baffled by this seemingly hollow referral.

I'm sure we're not actively listening/participating, or doing what we need to do to take better advantage of the tool, but I'm sort of at a lost. Any thoughts?


Todd Van Hoosear

Great post! Thanks for sharing the data and your thoughts about it!

jen lemen

4.7! yikes! i'm almost a megaphone. so not how i see myself on twitter, but i think when i do get on to chat at the watercooler, i am very chatty.

and btw, twitter is in my top five of referrers. didn't used to be that way for me either. great post, beth!

Beth Kanter

see this case study from Danielle about generating green traffic from stumbledupon

I think a lot of referrals are probably from JColeman and Danielle's efforts ..:-)

Also see this

Roger Carr

Hi Beth,
Twitter Noise Ratio puts me in Middle Ground at 1.2. Does this make me boring or balanced? Great post! It has me rethinking about my use habits on Twitter.

Roger Carr

Hi Beth,
Twitter Noise Ratio puts me in Middle Ground at 1.2. Does this make me boring or balanced? Great post! It has me rethinking about my use habits on Twitter.


I think I'm too new to Twitter to have an accurate reading -- I also have two audiences (or groups of followers who might be paying attention?): good friends, with whom I exchange rather pithy commentary on the day, and healthcare/nonprofit/tech folks who might at some point gather interest from my healthcare blatherings. Not sure how all of this will level out, but it's interesting, certainly.

Mr. Sustainable

Invaluable content! I'm just beginning to appreciate Twitter. Your insights will help me greatly. Thanks!

Jordan V

It's true, Twitter is one of my favorite outlets for information and thought consumption. I was amazed to see how many referrals you get for your blog through your tweets! And seeing these numbers makes me realize what I've known for a long time - I need to spend more time with Stumble Upon. Great post, Beth. Thanks for compiling all these wonderful examples and resources.

Beth Kanter

Dear Mr.Sustainable:

I love your name BTW,

Here's a few getting started resources to help you in your twitter learning journey.

Beth Kanter

@Jen Lemen - think there is a gender difference?

Gregory Heller

Beth, great article. I don't subscribe to the tweet noise ration calculation since tweets exist forever, and followers change overtime. I think a true calculation would have to be (tweets/time period)/followers. Events where folks are tweeting frequently skew results otherwise. It would also be interesting to look at the automatic tweeting (from blogs for example) vs replies, vs manual tweets.

Kivi at Nonprofit Marketing Guide

I've noticed new, real traffic from twitter too. I'm "middle ground" on the scale.

I do like twitterfeed for people I follow, because it's a quick way to see what's happening on their blogs(also why I've been going to alltop a lot lately). Guess this points out that I have too many feeds in my rss reader, which I've been avoiding, because it's just too overwhelming now.

Thanks for the ongoing Twitter analysis!

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