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Great to see you and Amy helping a large organization understand what the new reality is: every valued customer is critic. The two of you are Nokia's best bet at actually LISTENING to customer feedback and adjusting/improving their product - woo-hoo. Welcome to the revolution Nokia. Fascintated (although do not own what looks like a very cool Nokia phone) to watch this unfold. [Btw, Seth Godin would LOVE the two of you!]

Amy Gahran

Hi, Beth

As I mentioned on your N95 blog, this morning I heard from Mark Squires, Nokia's Director of Corporate Communications, via a comment he left on I continued the conversation (constructively) here:

Bottom line: No substantive response from Nokia yet -- but engagement from Charlie and Mark is a start

And Anne -- I agree that every valued customer is a critic. So far, I'm not convinced that Nokia values me as a customer. But I'm giving them a chance to prove it. And I hope Nokia realizes that people like Beth and I are trying to help them succeed.

I also hope Nokia improves its US service for their high-end products -- because there are a lot of journalists and mobloggers here who need exactly those kinds of products *right now.* They could make a lot of headway in this market if they'd get their service and pricing act together.

Hey... Maybe we should let Seth Godin know about this nascent conversation with Nokia? Hmmmm....

- Amy Gahran

Beth Kanter

Thanks Amy. Let's see if how they listen.

I documented another emerging performance issues on my n95 and I did get a possible fix via email.


How odd. I have a N95 and I love it. Updated firmware three or four times now, without a glitch or an issue. Might it be because I got the original, unlocked European model and not the "updated" (and I think lesser) US model?

For once it pays to be the early adopter.

Oh and the N95 rocks!

Michael Gibbons

Beth you are a trip -- you sound like me! You would think by now ONE just ONE company would have figured this out -- provide solid real customer service and solutions and a smile -- it really isn't that hard and if you did you would have so much good WOM that you'd literally have to hire someone to beat away the crowds -- oh I forgot APPLE!

And a plug for the PINNACLE in customer service bar none - I have actually told friends to order corrugated boxes or ziploc bags from Uline JUST for the experience - it's like going to a spa!

Call Uline at 800-295-5510 and if a pleasant live person does not pick up probably on the first ring I will send you a free hope button! Try it you will be amazed!

Amy Gahran

Wayan's comment about the original european version is especially interesting since Nokia support told Beth that the bricking problem is caused by trying to updated non-US N95s from the US.

Something is seriously awry here....

- Amy Gahran


@beth Hello. I left some more comments on Amy's excellent article. I think the key for me is not to engage Mark and I in the conversation, but for all of us to get whomever can do something about this into the discussion and DO something about it. Indeed, I haven't checked my email in a while (I was practically offline until now), but know there's some discussion about this in there. So I'll be back.

@amy Not that I know, but I wonder if what support told Beth is really the cause. I think it just happens. You'd expect the SW to know what SW to put. How does the blooming updater know she's in the US. It should see the phone and just give the right software. Indeed, something in seriously wrong.

Heh. One more thing. Thanks for getting us started with a bang. I've waited a long time to get the company involved in discussions like this. And, Seth? I drank from that well, and also from Kawasaki. But, oy vey, you know what it's like to get the BEHEMOTH to adapt to this? Getting there, but it's going to an interesting ride. And, it's great to have prods like you to help. :-)

Beth Kanter

@charlie yes, it would be great to engage in discussion and find the solutions to the specific issues - and for you at Nokia to use the discussion to look at improvements overall.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping my fingers crossed my emerging performance issues can be fixed without bricking my phone

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