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That really drives home the investment that goes into being attuned to the conversation even in a small niche. The toughest thing for me is prioritizing what tasks belong at the top of the list and being realistic about how much time I have.

Jeane Goforth

Although the resulting connections have been valuable, when I'm really tired or facing a huge to-do list, the social media prove to be very distracting. Balance is a challenge.

Austin Chu

Great Post, Love the chart. I work for a company that manages and tracks gift cards, and I just got converted into the social media and started a for our company. I spend about 8 hours of the day doing this work. At the basic is extremely easy and simple, but digging into this world, it's a huge rabbit hole, and it's deeper and wider the further I delve in it. It's a science. It takes commitment, time, and patience. I wish the fruit of my labor are more bountiful, but it's the way of the game. Even though this is non-profit site, I believe social media is fundamental in any movement. Thanks for you post. I learned something today. We'd love to support you in fundraising and your organizations endeavors! Thanks.



Great post as usual Beth (I may say this too often but it's really sincere). My strategy on my very looooong to-do list is grouping following fun and time criterias. I write the posts in one shot (translating though takes me more time since I don't really enjoy this work), then when I'm bored with the words I jump to Flickr then on Podcasting to hear voices (the best way to make you realize all these people are ...people!) and the machine goes on and on for 40hours a week.
But I'm sure you know about the pleasure we feel on doing all this!

Take care

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