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paul sanchez

i was there live when you filmed this. saw you post it on twitter :) hope all is well.

Beth Kanter


That was so cool because your chat in the QIK and your ping on twitter - I saw it while I was live broadcasting. The immediacy is compelling.

So, beyond harassing the Kenmore repairman and pointing the camera to friends at dinner, what are some serious nonprofit uses of this tool?

paul sanchez

I'm trying to get these guys to do it on their ride which would be huge for them. Selfishly I hope they don't because I wanted to be the first to do it on a adventure ;) The connection you make with your reader/viewer is so fun/spontaneous/cool. I could also see it being really cool for fun runs. When people sponsor you on a fun run you could webcast part of the run live. Another thing that would be cool if you were trying to raise funds for people that just went through a disaster you could pick a family and just webcast what they are going through. If you had a non profit and you put on a conference you could do some quick interviews of speakers and show them what the missed. For activist that are marching they could cast to people who could not make the march. It will be great for blogger that is an activist. If you cross paths with an individual who you know is doing bad things you can do an instant interview and webcast it live. I'm working with and I could see this being a huge tool for webcasting illegal sweat shops. I can keep going on and on but I have a hard time writing so I will stop. Hope you are doing well and look forward to seeing more videos from. One more thing I'm going to try to use it on my next adventure.


Hi Beth,

It was nice to finally meet you and the rest of the CPSquare folks.



Hi Beth, fun that you are doing this, gave me the chance to see some of the people I've been talking to like Naava Frank or just reading their books like Patti! The CPsquare folks are not so much into video/webcam so I don't get to see much of them..

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