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Christine Gorman

Globalgiving is an intriguing concept but I have several questions--starting with a really basic one.

Why since the donations are tax-deductible, is it globalgivingdotCOM and not dotORG?

Also, one of the selling points on the website is that "Your money goes to a well-defined project versus general operating expenses."

Makes it sound as though operating costs are a bad thing, when in fact, a reasonable fixed percentage (say 15% to 20%) given to operating costs will help build the organization you're giving money to. And that kind of supportive help will make it more likely that they'll be able to come up with other worthy projects.

Just wondering.


Hey Christine,
Thanks for your comment and questions. The .com question is a good one and actually has a pretty basic answer, and that is that when our founders changed the name of the organization (it started life as "development space"), the domain was not available. It wasn't until 2006 that we were able to acquire the domain, and actually have been putting .org on most of our materials as of late. We are switching everything over on a gradual basis - it is more of a technological effort than we imagined. If you go to you will see that you end up at the same place.

I hear you on the comment on unrestricted funds. As a board member of a different public foundation that makes grants in the DC area, I completely get your point about funds that support capacity building. GlobalGiving has attracted these funds as well, and a portion of every donation does go to offset our costs, and most projects have built their budgets to include program staff, etc. We just have a model that is focused on providing donors with a specific "value proposition," which is to support discrete programs /projects. No value judgment about one being better or worse, just an acknowledgment that there is a growing community of donors who, for some of their philanthropic giving, prefer to give to tangible programs or projects.

Happy to answer any other questions.


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