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Jayne Cravens

It takes "an extraordinary effort and investment of time" to be successful at raising "big" funds with FaceBook, and, according to the article, "it's as much the offline as the online work that gets the job done." I wonder why so few people who are promoting FaceBook, MySpace and other online social networking tools for "easy" fundraising are owning up to these two realities? (present company not included, ofcourse)

Beth Kanter

Jayne: I was surprised at how much time the FB America'sChallenge winner invested. I spent about 1-2 hours per weekday - I do have a day job, I just couldn't do this full-time. I did this at night in the evening after hours - and getting tired would prevent from spending all my free on the project. I did spent more time the last three days,but I also was delivering workshops - so I couldn't devote total full time to it. However, my last campaign was my 5th - and as you invest heavily in the beginning to build the community.

Thanks for your thoughts here.

Michelle Murrain

I was struck, in reading Frogloop's coverage of the winner, that they won not by finding and connecting, and working with folks already on Facebook, but rallying people who were already supporters to join Facebook, and give via Facebook Causes. Wow.

This is not harnessing the power of social networking. I think this should give us pause.

Beth Kanter

Michelle: I see your point totally. That's why I didn't pursue the FB Cause I had set up for the Sharing Foundation because it started to take a lot of time and I knew that many of existing donors were not on Facebook (older folks). I futzed around on Causes in the beginning of the challenge, but ditched it as the main entry point for the contest after a week. I choose, instead, to use the Global Giving Widget because a) less competition than Network for Good b) it gave me flexibility run an integrated campaign - so I could do the social media strategy -- and our key donors/volunteers who are not into social media at all - could do the offline, email fundraising, in-person, and phone asking.

I found that the Facebook still could be used effectively for spreading and energizing - although I did mainly from my individual profile, not via Causes. I tried to use Causes as a net - to get connected to new people, etc. But found it really time consuming.

I ran this campaign in my so called free time as a volunteer and I do have a day job - so I couldn't afford to be spending 8 hours a day on this. I disciplined myself to do this 1-2 hours per day - mostly on the couch at night while watching TV. The last few days I did have to spend more time - but again I was teaching a workshop at Legal Services that week - so couldn't be on non-stop.

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