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Chrys Wu

Hi Beth,

The Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra uses a MySpace profile and a gallery of photos and mp3 files, though there is no commenting feature.


IMA on YouTube rocks and they are a real leader there. Thanks for the nice Brooklyn Museum mentions.

Beth Kanter

@shelley thanks for stopping by - awesome work you're doing. What is your advice to arts organizations just starting out with social media?

Janet Hawtin

Hi Beth
Great stash of links and ideas.
Work with the things which their participants might use already and
think about what is unique or powerful locally and that helps the participation and fabric of the project feel authentic. =)

Beth Dunn


I've got a bunch of stuff to flesh out your individual artists section:

I've been using blogs in the classes I teach and facilitate at the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod -- classes and workshops that teach artists how to use blogs and twitter and social networks to do their thing.

You can check them out at:
Blog for the New Markets for Artists class, an intensive, juried weekend workshop for artists that helps them develop a personal marketing and promotion action plan, which is followed up in a series of follow-up meetings over the next six months to track their progress and provide support. (
Blog for the class "What's Your Story: Personal Branding, PR, and New Media for Artists" (

And in the links section of each of these blogs are all the new individual artist blogs that have been started as a result of these classes.

We've also seen a lot of these artists sign up on Twitter (and really start using it), and we're working on getting together a Cape Cod artist community Twitter feed.

Rachel Happe

What a great resource you have put together.

Coming from the business perspective what I see as a core skill in artistic professionals is the ability to tell stories. That is done in a wide variety of mediums but it is what humans cleave to. I am becoming more and more convinced the information shared through a story that inspires an emotional response in the listener/viewer is the only way to effectively share information because it is what makes it memorable.

So my advice: Start with an individual, pick the most comfortable tool (MySpace, blog, Twitter, etc.) and tell stories.

That may not be specific enough but you have shared a huge number of examples that people can look to for guidance regarding how others have done just that.

Great post!


Thanks for the mention. Google Alerts brought me to your site.

Looks like you have some good information. I will have to take some time to go through it all. Networking through MySpace, Facebook etc is a big part of the blogosphere that I have yet to figure out and utilize.

Paul Fletcher


You missed so much stuff being done by the Corning Museum of Glass, particularly on youtube

and although we are a tourism agency (that just happens to be based in one of the top 25 small art towns in the US) we also do innovative tings with the arts.

for example we mesh photographs of the area with original music from local artists to provide youtube videos which are linked to their myspace sites and our blogs, facebook, flickr and websites.


Brenda Thompson

Very useful, thorough post! I work with the Paramount Theatre in Austin and helped their executive director start his blog, Off-Stage with Ken Stein. It's proven immensely popular, in large part because Ken is a funny and conversational writer and attracts participants from all over the U.S. because of the caliber of performers at the Paramount. He's also used the blog to raise money, auctioning off front-row seats with perks to sold-out shows like David Sedaris, Lori Griffin, Garrisson Keillor, etc. Check it out at

Jim Spadaccini

Thanks for the mention of the American Image: Photographs of John Collier Jr. site. A great with lot's of information. The Twitter links are particularly helpful.

I hope all is well with you.


Len Edgerly

Beth, I'm just catching up with your amazingly great collection of arts-related info. I can't think of anything you overlooked that I know about, and I will refer back to this gold mine of yours often. Bravo!


Hi, Beth --

I write for the IMA's blog.

I'm glad to see your organization of all these tools. I've been thinking a lot about this and have been making an effort to bring all of this together while blogging for the IMA, all the while keeping it centered on art (and of course trying to keep the language accessible to all).

Check it out:

I like all the tools you mention except Twitter (too detailed and fussy).

It's all kind of crazy, and then I post it to my Facebook.

Ah well, thanks.


Beth Kanter


Thanks so much for the pointer.

BTW, are you a dog owner too?

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