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I'm honored. Looks like a great talk, Beth.

Jonathon D. Colman

Hey Beth, thanks so much for highlighting The Nature Conservancy's digital photo contest on Flickr in your presentation -- both we and all our Flickr photographers really appreciate it!

And, of course, I'm a true blue believer in your Cute Dog Theory. Note the golden puppy in the avatar... :)

Alison Lowndes

Obviously this is only for the UK'ers but if any voluntary, non-profits WANT a cute little Border Collie (both parents working dogs) then I've 2 left .. and oh yeah .. they're VERY cute. Contact the profile owner at

Dog name: [insert name]

Lilly Lombard

Hi Beth,

I attended your presentation for the Funders Network last week and want learn how I can use social networking in my home town of Northampton, MA to help grow a non-profit engaged in local solutions to global warming & energy depletion. I'd like to link us up to like-goaled groups nation (world) wide, and also connect individuals & neighborhoods in Northampton to each other during a "challenge" we are creating to reduce carbon emissions. What social networking options do you recommend?

Thanks for any help you can give?

Lilly Lombard

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