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Kristen Forbriger

I think there is some validity in what Mark had to say about the philanthropic nature of the type of communication, and community, that Facebook enables.

That comment about AT&T and Jesus is absolutely ludicrous. The communication on Facebook has the ability to create a different level of awareness of a cause or nonprofit.

Coincidentally, just yesterday I donated a small amount through Facebook to a nonprofit that I would have never known about had a friend not shared it with me through the site (Invisible Children). So, the point you make about the number recruited is important, too.

Beth Kanter


The benefit of FB is its ability to be like a net in catching new prospects. I learned from the America's Giving Challenge campaign. And, lots of groups of caught lots of people in the net - although not dollars. So, the opportunity and challenge is to learn how to engage those people in the cause and get them to contribute. It seems like the act of self-expression of joining and promoting the cause on their profile seems to satisfy the urge to help. What would encourage donations?

Also, I wonder when Bill Gates started his foundation? How mature was the company?

Kristen Forbriger

I would agree that people feel they are "contributing" just by promoting/supporting the cause on their profile.

What caused me to take that extra step and make a *cash* contribution? It was the extra step taken by the nonprofit to reach out to me -- a person, not an organization -- through Facebook, and explain why the money was needed now.

It probably goes back to the fundamental rule about marketing on SNs - it has to be a conversation, not just another platform to push information and promote your organization. These nonprofits need to start engaging with the FB users who are kind enough to make an endorsement. And by engaging, I don't mean spam my inbox.

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