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I'm the Communications Director at Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts. We have successfully been using our facebook and myspace pages for the past year as part of our grassroots organizing program to publicize events and get people to take action on our issues/show up to rallies/events/hearings, etc. We got kicked off of facebook as a user, and we're now a group, but we're still doing well.
We are launching a public awareness campaign this spring and are currently working on redesigning our pages, and expanding how we use our social networking pages.

I'd love to hear about other organizations use - especially of twitter and flickr.


Anita Schillhorn van veen

I'm producing VESSEL, a film about Rebecca Gomperts, a reproductive rights advocate and abortion provider from the Netherlands who runs Women on Waves, an organization that offers off-shore abortions to women in countries where abortion is illegal. They have some videos on youtube and offer abortion medicines online as well.

As far as our film project, we've been building up a page on Facebook and using it to organize screenings of our trailer, update our fans, and share photos. We want to move into using it for fundraising and creating foci of attention for the film project and advocacy around global reproductive rights. We're just starting out, so would love to hear other stories and connect with others using social networking in the realm of reproductive rights.


I don't know if you're looking for things outside the US, but here in Canada there are a number of Facebook groups set up to oppose a new law, the Unborn Victims of Crime Act.

There are one or two more linked in the Related Groups too.

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