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Tyler Willis


Looks like a great presentation. I also enjoy Charlene's take on the future - she's got some very interesting predictions.

I'm regretting not making the trip down to GSP as I would have liked to see your talk in person, it's very relevant to what I'm working on (which I just sent you an email about).

One of the more interesting things about digital volunteers/donations is the ability we have to offer them more "bang for their buck" in terms of the similar/greater effect they can have with less effort. For example, this weekend I volunteered to make phone calls for Obama and didn't even have to leave my home: they gave me 20 phone numbers and a script--which I made use of with my cell phone.

By using technology to serve more accurate data about time/money donations we can learn a lot about the questions you posed above, and we can also lower the barrier to entry for taking interest and affecting change.

Great blog, I'm now a subscriber - look forward to following what you write in the future!



Beth, Great presentation, I'm really interested in how to bring the non profit organizations online and utilize the different web 2.0 tools. Your presentation was very helpful in giving me a heads up on how to go about it. Thanks!

Valdis Krebs

Network Weaving?

Check out our blog for many examples of the art/science/maps/metrics of network weaving...




Your presentation was one of the highlights of the first day of GSP. Not only was it an uplifting story, it was really inspiring to those of us trying to bring Web 2.0 technologies to the charitable organizations we are involved with.

It is often a very difficult path to travel and it was wonderful seeing how amazing these tools can be in the hands of someone who really knows their power.


Alison Lowndes

Beth, greatly enjoyed the presentation & once again Congratulations. I realise there are many more facets to your success but I wish, I wish, I wish that GuideStar (FB Causes admin) would accept non-US charities, especially so little charities like mine can fully utilize tools including "donate".
Thanks for sharing !

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