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The Girl

I am 100% a testament to the cute dog theory ;o)

Sue Cline

Oh I bet this is going to be a fun keynote! I hope you can share the presentation once you're done - I have trouble explaining this to my clients too.

Here is a shot of Windsor & I; feel free to use it if you like - he is pretty cute and willing to be a little famous:

Kevin Jerge


Hoping to connect with you at the N-Ten conference this week in NO. We are a Convio partner and we build out private label social media platforms for NPO's and Associations. Anyway, your blog is linked to from the Convio Connection Cafe Blog that is being launched March 19th in NO. We also built and host the pet site for Scripps Newspapers. I think you'll like it. Hope to see you in the Big Easy!

Amy Sample Ward

Hey Beth - Just changed my facebook profile picture just for you! It's Kiba and I at the pumpkin patch back in October :)

christopher carfi

say hello to ike and max!



Lynn Tveskov

Me, Lynn M. Tveskov, and my very bad tuxedo cat, Fiero:

Organization: United Way of America

Main community of practice: Strategies and Metrics Pilot Project:


Soon! I just moved last weekend for the sole purpose of having dog friendly quarters. Now scouring the local adoptables.

Tina in FLa

Hi Beth
I am mom to five rescued Australian shepherds, six cats, plus. I would be happy to supply you with oodles of photos. I am active with aussie rescue, breed rescues and two humane societies (one on advisory committee, one in animal assisted therapy).

Tina Valant-Siebelts


Beth - hoping you will share your presentation for those of us (especially working in the animal field, haha!) that cannot make it to Minnesota :)

Karen Taggart

Hey.. here's a link to me and my crazy dogs on both frogloop and my personal blog.

I also am TheCrazyDogLady on Twitter.. and my icon is an image of one of my dogs!

The dog theory rocks. My dogs get me so much attention!!



Here ya go - this is my first dog (yes i was in my 30s when I got her), Sierra. We lost her to cancer when she was very young. She was the best.

Susan Daffron

Here's a couple of me and my dog Cami. I got her when I was volunteering at an animal shelter; she was the cutest puppy I'd ever seen (and I'd seen a lot of puppies by then). She's still adorable ;-)

Here's my FB profile:
and Linked In:

Susan Daffron
Founder, National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals

Animals Need Help

We're a non for profit animal site dedicated to the prevention of animal cruelty.


Hi Beth,

Great blog! I created and manage Mission Recognition and LOVE dogs. Here are some pictures of my baby,>Tequila Rose.

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