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What a brilliant idea! And fun.


If you don't work in a non-profit, but you're a big fan of non-profits and the industry, can you still add yourself in there?

Paul Caplan

Thanks for the link. Great use of a wiki. I always have difficulty knowing which category or categories to add myself to. Much as I think the 'non profit' world should stick together, I think we need to be careful not to create ghettos. It's easy to talk to each other, what we need to do in the Wiki spirit is connect with people in other networks who maybe have ideas we can bring into campaigns and fundraising and social change. Maybe those twittering around business or human resources or cycling or pig breeding have found ways of harnessing conversations and the power of crowds that we can bring into our work.

Beth Kanter

@tiara -- I don't see why not!

@Paul great point about not creating Twitter silos. I think it is a good idea to connect to your field - but also to explore other conversations as well. I love cross disiplinary thinking.

Kivi Miller

Just added myself to the pack:

Love your example of taking a photo during the workshop and then turning your network on to it. May have to steal that one for my workshops!

Beth Kanter

@kivi when people see examples of themselves - they are more open. What happened is that Chriz and Ponzi shot it out to their network and Chris picked it up -- so a couple of influential twitterers made the dramatic example. However, there were some disrespectful comments that appeared and luckily didn't embarrass one. So, you have to prepared when unleashing the networked effect .. you never know what you'll get.

Drew bernard

Nice... now if there was a way to bulk add people to twitter...


Great list and great fun! Although AEJMC is not listed:

AEJMC is a non-profit association for education in journalism and mass communication.

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