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My advice is plan, plan, plan -- and then jump, and then evaluate. Look at things like:
1) WHO - assembling your team -- (e.g., content, tech, and legal)
2) WHY - think about the purpose of your pilot -- how participation aligns with your mission (e.g., increasing access to collections, crowdsourcing tags). If your answer is "Because we can" think harder.
3) WHAT: start small; you can always expand later. Think pilot.
4) HOW: plan for the extra workload during the active phase of the pilot
4) WHEN (ok, so I only put that in out of compulsiveness) Have an end to the pilot phase, and then assess. plan out in advance how you're going to evaluate your pilot.


Thanks for those points. I'd love to see a proof of concept template with a real example .. hmm ..

At any rate, in yesterday's post about soc net challenges

J Owyang left a comment saying that challenges could be addressed with strategy. In your proof of concept pilot, did you encounter any of those challenges and what did you learn?

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