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Dong Phong


I'm from Vietnam. I have a blog about Vietnam stock market. Can I exchange link with your blog?


Jonathon D. Colman

Thanks for the great interview, Beth. Always a blast to talk social media with the woman who does it better than anyone else! :)

Beth Kanter


But apparently I can't spell! Fixed it!

It was a pleasure to learn so much from you and if I lived in DC, I would definitely attend your session on Tuesday ....

Jordan Viator

It's so great and interesting to see the numerous ways nonprofits are using New Media in communication efforts. I especially love the Flickr photo contest discussed in this interview. What a wonderful way to create a sense of community while also enhancing engagement. Kudos to Jonathon and The Nature Conservancy.

Laura Whitehead

I am one of Jonathon's many Twitter followers. I really enjoy his enthusiasm and joy in his work and positive tweets. Makes me want to take part in his conversations and work - a key factor in creating relationships online, which he delivers with great success. An excellent and insightful article and hope that some of the UK conservation orgs are taking note, and planning to invest in capacity and develop explorations reaching out and engaging with new audiences in the same way over here in the UK!

adam nicholson

Great interview... I always thought of StumbleUpon as an escape for ME, and never tool the logical leap to think that others might find our org's site that way...

paul sanchez

great post! i have sent this to non profits that are thinking of hiring a person for social media marketing.

goji distribution center

Nice post.. Event environmentalist leverages on social media

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