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Alan Levine

Thanks Beth for your kind and generous words. Is it fair for me to comment your blog about commenting on mine? Of course!

Hoping maybe 2008 might be the year our paths can cross....

Beth Kanter

I'd say that's a great thing to comment about!

Sue Waters

I try to comment back on my posts - but time constraints mean that I often include the comments to several readers in the same comment. While email is an excellent method to supplement - time constraints limit it.

I normally track my comments using co-mment which has been really effective. But, mutter mutter, road testing cocomment has been on my to-do-list so have just signed up for an account. Must be worth considering is Alan uses it -- however mutter, currently have absolutely no b..dy idea of how to use it...cause co-mment is so b...dy obvious in comparison. Shame Alan isn't blogging for a week or maybe he would have clarified?

Of the top of my head - there are so many posts about commenting... I believe you have lots :) and Michele Martin wrote some excellent ones at the end of last year.

Mmmm now what does one do with cocomment? Well can add tags? Lets have some fun road testing :) (MUTTER)

Beth Kanter


Maybe Alan will come back here and clarify? mutter mutter .. I tested co-comment a while back but ditched because of technical glitches. Maybe it i up to speed now. I need an extra month to catch up with myself... cheers

Jeffrey Keefer

Beth, this was a great post.

I always want to keep up with comments, but have found the comment tracking services to be a challenge to use, so usually do not track comments after I make them unless the person has a plug-in to their blog that tracks follow-ups. If they have this, I do track them and will reply with follow-ups.

One of the challenges for the commenting services is that they assume you always use the same computer, and have the ability to add the plug-in code to the browser.

Do you use any of these services?

Sue Waters

Well maybe this comment stream will be the true test of co-comment vs co-mment. My thoughts at the present is that co-mment is by far easier to use (, and if you are working on another computer its far easier to drag the booklet for co.mment onto Firefox than install the Firefox addin for cocomment (

So it really gets back to the reasons why you want to track conversations. I want a quick an easy method of being part of the conversation; and being able to re-engage back with a conversation -- which is what co-mment allows me to do. Cocomment focus appears to be more on the community aspect of commenting -- which isn't a bad thing providing the community effectively interacts with your commenting. I have noticed that when you subscribe to RSS of cocomment it only inserts the name of the commenter if that person is using cocomment. That really sucks (sorry). Co-mment displays the name of the person - which is really good.

ROFL if Alan doesn't comment back then I think maybe co-mment should get the tick for being more effective than the cocomment that he is using. :)

PS Beth give co-mment a try - it won't use up much of your time.

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