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David Wilcox

I love the way that the game is spreading! Here's how we used it for development of Ruralnetonline recently . I've uploaded a set of cards there.
Here's one way of running game that I find works well:
* Split into groups of 4-6 (if you have a large number of people) and have each group invent a tough scenario, maybe giving then a headline to get them started. Encourage challenges ... "you won't be solving this, the other group will!" Then the catch - the groups exchange scenarios.
* Offer groups the cards and tell them they can write their own. Cards have a budget of 1,2,3 resource points. Give the group a budget of, say, 15 so they can't choose all the cards.
* Ask the groups to organise the cards into a project plan and present this back to their "client" group.
* Once the client groups have their plans, ask them to invent a couple of characters - who may be system managers, or system user/contributors of various types. Then tell the story of how what happens over the next few months/years. If the action flags, thrown in a few crises!
I find that the greatest interest comes from moving into storytelling mode ... that sparks the best conversations.
There other examples of game developed by Drew Mackie and I over here.


Thanks Beth and David. We had a great time playing the game here and I am sure we will play it again. It has prompted us to translate Web2.0 terms into Ukrainian which I will post soon and share the link. If we do it again I really need to localize the cards with more Ukrainian/Russian language resources. I learned alot about which blogging, social networking, RSS are used here.


Hi! My friend Amy Sample tells me you're in Ukraine...I'm a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ochakov, Nikolaevska Oblast, down south...we should meet up sometime! Hope all is well!


Hi Guys:

I will be in the Ukraine in October. I lecture widly on web2.0 as well. Is there anyway I can help out with your work? I can spend a few days in Keiv...

Please drop a line. I'd love to chat....

Howard Oliver
What If What Next - Web2.0 PR

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