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Been blogging since 1996, now on several platforms, and I preach good content, long-term consistency, and a constant angle/subject matter to obtaina nd grow your audience to its natural size. More general subjects get more readers, but I feel quality is better than quantity - 100 thought leaders are better than 1,000 random people.

Beth Dunn

Comment thoughtfully on the blogs of those whom you admire within your niche. :)

Michele Martin

Good question. I agree that consistency is a big thing--consistent posting and trying to have consistent quality in your posts. Commenting on other blogs has been great, too, although I found that going outside your niche to read and comment can also get you some readers, depending on how narrowly-targeted your blog is.

Specific marketing activities have helped, too--like having my blog URL in an email signature, putting it on business cards and plugging it at live events. I use wikis as my "handouts" for many training sessions, so I'll always include a link to my blog on those, too. Part of it has been tying my blog to my professional identity, so just as I would try to share my contact info in business settings, I also try to include my blog where ever possible and appropriate.

Some other tips I've seen although I haven't used them are to use an e-book to drive RSS sign-ups (give out a free e-book to everyone who signs up for your feed) and taking the time to do some StumbleUpon campaigns.

Michael Hoffman

Beth, I think consistency is really important, but you also have to be in it for the long haul. Certainly you need to promote the blog in all the places that you can, including your websites, email signature, etc.

But I think more than anything, being a participant in conversations like this one help. It is a beast you need to keep feeding, but setting aside time to read and join the conversation with others is a way to tell the world -- Hey I am here! And I have something to say!. Of course, you should actually have something to say.

It also helps to make some of your posts in-depth and with new information. Your blog is well-read, I think, because you post real research and provide information and not just commentary.

Beth Kanter

@wayne . I just love that quote! "100 thought leaders are better than 1,000 random people."

@michele: Have you done any stumbleupon campaigns? Hmm .. feel a new obsession starting.

@michael - great advice! Thanks

Consistency is a good thing, although foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds - to quote Emerson.

Beth Kanter

I also found this useful article over at pro blogger
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