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Sue Waters

Hi Beth - Thanks for telling people about the solution I offered with TweetScan. But as you point out nothing seems to be a quick fix to this issue.

Another thought is to tackle it another way - set up a twitter account called Nptech. Get all NPtech people to follow this account but NPtech account doesn't follow people back. Use the NPtech account to only send important links and get all followers to send information to it using @NPtech this way only the most important information will be shared. The only problem will be that everyone will need to subscribe to feed from the twitter account.

Beth Kanter


I like that idea! People could subscribe to the feed or I would use that another source to write up the summaries. Thanks for your ideas .. still would have to get people to use the @nptech


This interesting tweet from Snitter, my preferred Twitter client, may provide some relief:

Twitter API allows up to 160 char tweet. Still clipped at 140 but can view full tweet on Twitter site. Click tweet date in Snitter to view.

If these search apps are pulling the full 160 chars (and why wouldn't they be, and people are using the web interface or clients that allow the super-double-secret extended char limit, then adding the hash tag or other item at the end means that people can still see the full text of your message in the 140 chars, but the tag can be in the extended 20 chars and not cramp your twoosh style.


I assume that the Book of Learning and Forgetting is a play on the Book of Laughter and Forgetting?

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