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Peter Gulka

Unofficial results on the contest home page leaderboard show us winning by 12 donations :)

Christine Martell

Hope you get some sleep now. I too have been traveling in the last days of the challenge, so it was really exciting to come home to the news that everyone together could create enough energy to make a big difference for the Cambodian kids. Thanks for giving us all the opportunity to participate.

dave mcclure

congrats beth... what an awesome job :) you rock!

Ben Greenberg

Hooray. Congrats Beth! This has been quite amazing to watch.


To steal a phrase from Barack Obama...

"Yes We CAN"

And did :)


It was fun, Beth.

All success

Andrea Vascellari

This is a great news!
I'm really happy!

Congrats Beth!


T Demop, Blogging for Business

Congrats! That's great Beth

Beth Kanter

Thanks everyone! Actually got some sleep ..

@Dave - I love your congrats post! Hilarious

@drmani -- I love you quoting Barack Obama! One thing I learned is that "can do it" attitude is important to keep motivated and plugging away.

JJ Thou

Congrats! Beth....
How's the kids? I missed them...

noel hidalgo

awesome!!! yes we can!!!


Wow, great result, congratulations :)

I expect a blog post on your learnings from this once you catch up on sleep, family time, etc ;)

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