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Amy Sample Ward

I think that flickr groups of protest/messaging photos have received pretty good participation in the past, but I still believe that nothing is as powerful as video. A collection of 3-10 second spots of people saying why privacy is so important, even if they were all reciting the same sentence, would be very moving in my opinion. Regardless, I agree that the telecoms can't be immune to the laws.

Danielle Hamilton

Interesting use of a "call to action" in that most everyone can take a photo with a digital camera, cell phone, webcam (still shot), and upload it as part of a protest. With the personalized messages, you can tell that these people do in fact support that cause, and are not just photos collected online and uploaded.

Video may be a part of the future for this sort of campaign, as it can certainly but a true voice and rationale for the position in a short video clip. Not everyone has the capability to video yet, so it's probably around the corner, at the Tipping Point.
CARE uses a nice collection of videos and photos for their "I Am Powerful" campaign. Imagine what other nonprofits can do...

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