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Good idea! I'm going to bug the appropriate people at work to add this to our website (

Leyla Farah

PayPal also recently added a Facebook application which again places it at the head of the pack when it comes to distributed funding for non-profits.

I'm not trying to promote PayPal, I'm just reinforcing the point that it's currently serving as the defacto standard for global transactions - and that non-profit organizations can't afford to ignore it.

Leyla Farah
Public Relations with a Purpose

Andy Roberts theatre breaks

Hi Beth, I just thought it might be worth mentioning, since we are talking international, that here in the UK the public is becoming increasingly irritated by being interrupted on the High Streets by young people who are employed by charities to solicit for regular donations. "Chuggers" ( charity muggers ) are clearly sucessful to some extent, since they're paid on a commission basis, and it costs the charity nothing to let them loose on the streets, but the damage to good causes in the longer term is clear. I just thought it would be worth being aware of that when conducting internet campaigns as well.

Beth Kanter


My biggest fear: OMG, I'm an I-Chugger.

You are bringing up a good point, I think, about donor fatigue. Roger Carr, another blogger helping, wrote a good post about this:

The contest has been on for 6 weeks - from mid-December and ends in a few days. Most of the campaigns I've done have gone on for at most two weeks. I think shorter "sprints" work better for personal fundraising online -- I was really concerned about donor fatique and also annoying my readers - but was motivated to help the children in Cambodia.

I'm going to very happy with this contest is over on Thursday and return to regular blogging!

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