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Beth, thanks for the nice post referencing my work with children born with congenital heart defects.

There are indeed cultural and geographic differences in donor motivations, and some things work better than others. I don't have any 'findings' that can be generalized or applied to wider groups, though know some approaches work better with my own program.

I found the 'ladder of engagement' article fascinating, because I've lived through it. When I first started on this effort in 1998, the biggest hurdle was credibility (or lack of it in a provable sense). By sheer persistence, and slow, steady growth made possible by some influential 'evangelists', the visibility of my work grew and by being able to sponsor 23 operations (until now), I had demonstrable proof that now helps speed up the conversion from 'casual observer' to 'donor' and even 'evangelist'.

In my experience, at the beginning, the biggest asset a non-profit can have is influential evangelists who will vouch for your credibility. Using this as a launch-pad, it is up to the non-profit to then systematize the proof and make it available in a form and fashion that is believable and open to verification.

That's the reason I created an entire set of new one-page websites listing all the proof I wanted to share with potential donors - and put them here:

While this process takes a bit of time, it is well worth doing right as it sets the foundation on which you can grow and develop in the future.

Just my personal insights :)

All success

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