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thank you Beth. This is a surprise u post it here. my post is program officer.

Beth Kanter

You are now an important person in the NGO world in Cambodia. I am honored to know you! :-)

PS I have not been able to get a decent lime drink since I visited Cambodia. I really want some lime juice ... need to figure out a way to get back to Cambodia soon.


now we plan that every three months, we want host a social web training to 20 to 30 bloggers selected from blog workshop we r doing. the training focus on the whole issues and tools of web2.0 and how we could use it for social good. it will be a couple days long program. r u interested? I sure know. but how could you come again? actually this training is quite small. we hope they become a better bloggers and become blog trainers after the training.



Well, I did enter a contest to support a train the trainers curriculum/workshop in Cambodia. If I win, it would cover the travel cost and some time to work on this -- as well as some curriculum for in-school projects.

In the meantime, you don't have to start from scratch - you have all the great materials from the bloggers conference, etc.

If that contest opportunity doesn't come through, I am looking into whether or not I can bring the kids during the summer - and stay for the month. Would be interesting.


It sounds nice to hear what you're doing to promote the bloggers knowledge, especially good to hear about the achievement in Cambodia. I wish to learn about that too, but it's like i have no chance to get involve with other bloggers at all. And also i think to thank you beth for providing a good posts on your blog where i read it in my mailbox everyday.

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