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Christine Martell

I used your great screencast primer, and watched every screencast instruction I could find. I found a long list of things that could potentially have been wrong. It was totally overwhelming. And I kept trying over and over to fix things like the microphone, the way I was speaking, the compression types, restarting the computer.

Once the problem was fixed, I had practiced so much making chipmunk movies I was able to make your screencast in two tries. So in the long run it all worked.

I wished I had been in one of your classes. I'd have a whole pile of candy bars by now. I think this is going to become more critical as we move training to more support systems delivered by technology. I don't see much online training that has figured out how to deliver those adjustments we make to learners in the moment in the classroom.



It took many hours of learning to master Camtasia. I went through the exact same experience. I read the books, watched the video, asked questions, and kept trying .. and soon I was able to create screencasts a lot more efficiently.

Lon Naylor

Great post Beth!
The whole "chipmunk" thing had me stumped for a couple of days but I figured it out and did a QuickTip video for my members that covers the problem and provides the fix. Maybe of use to your readers as well. Here it is:

I love your blog and keep up the great work!

Lon Naylor

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