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Due to offline time I didn't catch this before now - I will definitely donate before end of month. Happy birthday! I hope you have a blessed year, filled with nerve and vision as well as accomplishments. Your blog is a huge inspiration, and your work for Cambodia important on so many levels. It is important for me, also, because it shows just how things can be done using social networks. Can be done for a greater good, and not just as my personal voice amplifier, talking about what I just might have done today / am doing now.

Thank you, once again, and Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Beth!


Happy Birthday Beth! I just made the donation in honor of your special day :-)

Deborah Elizabeth Finn

Happy birthday, Beth - you fabulous technobabe, you social media goddess! I'd just like to point out that people can make donations to the Sharing Foundation through, as well as through Global Giving. I made one through CTP yesterday!

Hugs from Deborah

Deborah Elizabeth Finn
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Beth Kanter

Deborah: Thanks so much - that is a great way for me to thank donors. I've sent a number of thank you notes that way. But to win the contest, would prefer folks donate through Global Giving for now! Thanks

Amy Jussel

Happy Birthday Beth! Your post is live on Shaping Youth and I've just sent in $51 in honor of your glorious day...we're all thankful to have you on the planet doing great we're celebrating your BIRTH too! "Augoon!"


May we all age so gracefully. Happy 17*3.

Deb Block-Schwenk

Happy Birthday, Beth!

It was great meeting you last night and inspirational to hear about your children and your fundraising efforts. I threw in a few bucks to your excellent cause.

See you around!

Beth Kanter

@Amy thank you so much. I really appreciated it ... gonna do another roundup and point over to it.

@Deb Block-Schwenk .. thank you so much for donating and leaving a comment.

And, also Wendy, Raymond, Jason, and Neha.

@Jason ... I've been saying 51 is the 21, but it feels more like 11.

The children keep me young and all of your generous support of the Sharing Foundation will create a better life for so many youngsters in Cambodia!


Happy Belated Birthday, Beth!

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