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Drew bernard

Beth, I really enjoyed the Meyer Memorial Trust workshop. Your presentation was great and I didn't really sense that you were rushed. The people in the audience really seemed to embrace the idea that social media may well have a valuable role to play in accomplishing a whole range of missions.

I thought the small group exercises, at least at my table, provided real value to the participants. I was quite impressed at the degree people in the room were able to jump into the scenarios with gusto. I personally still have a whole lot of questions about when and how social media can serve social change organizations, but hearing your experience and perspective was invaluable. Thank you.

I think you're right that the small groups could have benefited from a bit more guidance up front and a reminder, somewhere along the way, that the value/reward they would receive from the exercise was in the journey not the destination. That said, I was actually pretty impressed with some of the ideas.

I too would be VERY interested in seeing some good examples of how organizations are measuring performance/results so social media in relationship the ladder of engagement.

Thanks again, Beth.


Richard Freedlund

Enjoyed your presentation in Portland. I found it very useful.

Next time you are in Sharon, look up my family and tell them you ran into me and say hi. My niece is active in the drama dept at Sharon High and she also went to Thailand last summer. Not Cambodia, I know, but she would probably be interested in volunteering in some way.

Pam Allee

And I thought I was e-literate because our group has a list-serve! I was, and still am, just a little flummoxed, not quite as ready as I thought I was to jump in on facebook. Maybe we need an adult equivalent of Penguin for the really creaky adults??
I probably feel like this partly because our tiny little group is not a nonprofit as the other groups were - we are, instead, a group of Conscientious Objectors who are trying to convince people to a) hold themselves accountable for what their taxes purchase, and b) join us in lobbying to pass HR1921, also known as the Peace Tax Fund Bill (no, it's not another tax, but is alternate service for the taxes in the fund). Since what we/I promote in the meantime - tax redirection - is "illegal," we are concerned about both anonymity and hate mail. Since we are either voluntarily poor or levied by the IRS, we have very little funds to accomplish our objectives (even e-mail costs a bit, and newspaper ads are prohibitive.) So, on the one hand we're interested in terms of networking and encouraging small non-deductible donations, and on the other - can we really trust the net not to do something bad to us? And what about federal data mining, spying, etc? (Some of us, myself included, feel that Naomi Wolf's "The End of America" may be optimistic...)

To sum: This workshop really was boffo, especially for non-profits. But for some others of us, I think a greater leap of faith is necessary. Can you possible address that? I am sure that there are some things I am simply not "getting" (probably a LOT of things, if history is any indication.)

Thank you very, very much. I am not yet "in" but definitely thinking about it a lot.

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