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Alison Lowndes

Hi Beth, the one thing I like about FaceBook is that its managed to allow the cross-effect .. singularly .. its one network that allows me to combine both personal & work contacts
*if I remove the popular/dodgy apps from my profile*
MySpace unfortunately became too much of an artists forum / dating site IMHO, but may still be able to claw back to appeal to people professionally.


hey beth, first starters naomi is awesome and glad to see her one here! also, yes, there is much about cross-platform pollination...and we will see more as initiatives such as OpenSocial and Facebook's API (among others) get us closer to this holy grail of a decentralized (in a third-party container), aggregated Giant Global Graph of online user data (behavioral and opt-in info). These initiatives coupled with the massive widgetizing of the web is pulling down 2005's "networks effects" theories on non-portable social data. anyway, it'll be interesting to see all that happens in the next few months/years!

Naomi Hirabayashi

Hi Beth-

Thank you for the post! The cross-network effect is very interesting, especially as more social networks (and features) emerge. I'd love to chat more...

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