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Marianne Richmond


Michele Martin

This is completely and totally awesome, Beth! Tell Harry that I particularly love his drawing. It's so amazing to see how quickly and easily these kids pick up the technology and just run with it. I think it goes back to that childhood curiosity and the fact that they don't fear making mistakes or "looking stupid" the way that adults do. If only we could bottle that and give it to adults to drink.

John Powers

I'm definitely not a digital native! But in some dim ways have caught the bug that great things can be created using these new tools.

I'm always inspired by your blog--and I note Michele Martin's comment, just last night I was struggling with the question whether it was on topic to say how much her blog means to me.

I'm sure that young people will create good things. But I'm also am concerned for their safety and well-being. Something that snooping around social networks has shown me is a lot of what I think I know about kids online really isn't right. There's a logic from a digital native perspective I don't quite get. And to really do something about safety and well being we're going to have to better understand this new perspective better.

I'm very excited about the XO--one laptop per child--computer. But it's something people seem to love to hate. Some of that lack of enthusiasm, I think, has to do with a status of being digital immigrants. Figuring out how to share my enthusiasm about the possibilities with other digital immigrants is proving hard to do.

Thank you for sharing Harry and Sara with us. Part of being adults is wanting to create something good for the children. Your example shows how we can. The connections you make here on this blog are so important. You are a treasure.

Inaudible Nonsense

This is great. But at the same time... PowerPoint? Let's hope it builds to something less dogmatic and more creative, and not a life of powerpoint presentations and the jilted form of narrative and communication that it structures.

As a creative (who is quite digitally native at least since the age of your boy), I also hope that he's getting out there with pen and paper and observing the world. I have a secret hope that he rebels against his digital mother by discovering the wonder of the handmade and small batch reproduction by making a zine or comic of his own design. But that's just me.


Hi Beth, so refreshing how you inspire your kids, after all the fear from parent I usually observe here. My kids went to do the 'sinterklaas games' online and when I came to see how things were going, they were watching the 'hoofdpiet' who was answering questions in a webcam chat. You are right about digital natives! (well with such a mother..)


It's been either removed or made private. How to view it, Beth?

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