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Britt Bravo

Congrats, Beth! You deserve it for all the great work you do!

Shaping Youth

I agree with Britt...between the two of you, you've introduced me to inspiring minds like Michele Martin and as of yesterday, Amy Sample Ward...Now I'll have to check out Beth Dunn!

I always find remarkable bloggers through the communities you've both created that uplift me and give me the tools I need to trudge onward! Thank you ALL! (Britt, you too!)

Beth Dunn

Thank you, Beth! What a great New Year's Eve gift!

Amy Sample Ward

Hey Beth- Happy New Year! Just getting back online from a few days offline. What a great way to be welcomed back!

Thank you so much for your support and all that you do. You are the ultimate community wrangler and I'm honored at your recognition.

Here's to a great '08!

Neha Yellurkar

Congrats Beth - your creative insights are such an inspiration to us all! Happy New Year!

Michele Martin

Beth--Just getting around to going through my feeds, so I missed this. I'm totally honored! Thanks so much for putting me on this list. Given that I think you're one of the biggest online community builders I know, this means a lot. Thank you!

Michele Martin

And P.S.--you completely deserve Roger's kudos! I agree 110%!

Robin Reagler

Congrats to you, Beth! I'm also a big fan of the Bamboo Project. Building community is such a wonderful thing to recognize. I love it!

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