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Christine Martell

I'd be happy to vote for your project, but after going to the site a few times without being able to figure it out, I'm resorting to asking you....HOW?

Beth Kanter


Okay, last night I took a screencapture because I was confused too

You get the option of creating the widget and you are encouraged to get your friends to vote for your story - but it looks like the technology isn't working or else I'm just stupid.

Leave a comment ... and I'm hoping that whatever gremlins are getting the way are gone before the 19th.


You vote from the contest page, not the individual video page that Beth links to above:

I was able to vote - you might not immediately vote for Beth's project, but the different videos come up in pairs and you state your preference; eventually Beth's "Generosity of the Social Web will come up, and if you repeatedly pick it over the competition, it's closer to winning. I'm not clear if voting while logged in with a Yahoo! ID helps or not; it seems you can vote without.


Adding, that the "View and Vote" button just takes you to the contest page, which I'll now type as proper HTML:

You'll likely have to vote several times for pairs that don't include Beth's video, but it will eventually come up, and once you vote for it, it will appear again as it asks you to compare it against other videos you already voted for in other pairs. Keep voting as long as you have time for, trying to float Beth's to the top; ideally you'd pick it over every other video in the contest.

Beth Kanter

Boy am I glad that my readers are smarter than me!

Beth Kanter

A big lesson learned ...

* understand the rules and test your instructions
* don't enter contests late at night when you're sleep deprived ... no matter how driven you are to support a charity ...

That's my big problem .. I get so obsessed with trying to find ways to both learn and support TSF - that I move too fast. But, this is a great example of where your readers are way smarter than you are .. and the generosity of the social web ...

thank you everyone ... now, I think I will go take a nap

Nick Booth

'Tis done. But that is a doozy of a badly designed competition. I can's see any where there will be a fare result.

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