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Timothy Moenk

You know.. you just got cool points for that. Not that you need anymore, but I love this look into how you're raising your kids! Definitely serves as great inspiration as to how I should approach preparing my eventual children for the 21st century.

As far as home videos go, this is gold! Also, a testament to the era we're living through.

And seriously, what planet are these kids growing up on today?! I can't imagine having grown up in a world where Creative Commons is the natural way of things, nor the social web (with the exception of irc) and remixing and the level of collaborative creativity and.. and...

and I'm only 23. Geez.

Michael Pick

Wow, this screencast totally rocks!

What an awesome way to use a screencast. And Harry is great, a natural. This is what it's all about! I think you've invented a really interesting new take here.

Way to go Harry, Beth and Jing!

Beth Kanter

@tim .. Now I feel really old yikes .

@michael ... it was fun to do ..

John Powers

Hum...I came here to look for something because I wanted to attribute to you.

This screencast is so wonderful. Once again you show us how to learn. Attribution is a complicated topic, and it's so cool that Harry gets it. (By the way listening to him read is a pleasure.) When it comes time for reports and then term papers he'll actually have a hook to hang the admonition: "No, you can't just copy it out of the book!"


Kids can learn anything they're given an opportunity to learn. Excellent. What a lucky boy he is to have you as his mom! Great screencast!

Laura Whitehead

Beth and Harry - this is fabulous! Oli, my six year old watched the whole show!
Well done Harry!


Harry good job!


Harry good job!

Chris Heuer

Really wonderful Beth - Harry rawks and this is a great use of screencasting in teaching and sharing...

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