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Susan Edwards

wordpress has this too, but I don't have to be logged into FB to have my blog posts go to my FB page. That seems odd to me. The advantage for me posting content not made exclusively for FB is wider audience reach. Many of my friends don't do rss feeds (I doublt some even know what that is), so it's a way to show them what I am writing about elsewhere. I have tried to use the Flickr feed on FB too, but am very disappointed with it. It doesn't seem to update effectively and just creates a page in FB that links back to Flickr. I wish there were a way to post my flickr images into the FB photo app with the tagging capabilities and all. As you said, workflow isn't very streamlined.

For organizations, groups and causes I have found FB is not very effective! Which seems ironic, but...the amazing thing about FB is the feed showing you your friends' activities. But without a similar feed from the groups/organizations/causes, what's the point?

Jof Arnold

Thanks for the mention. Two things you might be interested in:

1) You can take the Blog Friends feed outside of facebook (I believe we were one of the first companies to take data outside of facebook).

2) Blog Friends (especially the imminent Version 1, which is now in testing) is a great way of promoting your blog... in fact, we're building in functions to make it even better at reaching your intended audience.

All the best
Jof Arnold, COO (the team behind Blog Friends)

Nedra Weinreich

Hey Beth,

I use the Flog Blog app, which can put an RSS feed onto your profile and automatically update it. I wish we could add an RSS feed to groups -- hopefully they will eventually add that.


Beth Kanter

@nedra: I like the blog friends because you can tweak it, but it is below the fold. That's why I like the typepad add-on, but as Susan suggests it is a little clunky.

@jof wow, you must monitor your ego feeds! Thanks for stopping by and offering suggestions. I will try a few.

@Susan Causes, groups, and events need more features like the profile offers, but check out the social ads and see what you think.

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